Past recipients

Past Recipients

2011 Recipient: Jennifer Thompon

2012 Recipient: Dallas County Conviction Integrity Unit

2013 Recipients: Brentford Ferreira and Marc St. Hippolyte

2014 Recipient: Jessica Besch

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Courageous Truth Award Task Force

2014 Task ForceThe Courageous Truth Award is planned by our volunteer Courageous Truth Award Task Force.  The ideal chair is an experienced event planner and gracious leader who skillfully guides and inspires a team of 5-6 dedicated part-time interns through the planning of a successful event.

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Selection Criteria

The ideal nominee:

  • took extraordinary steps to fight for the truth;
  • in the face of significant opposition and/or pressure to conform;
  • which resulted in bringing us all closer to the truth; and
  • inspires us all to be better people.

Nominate your hero

Nominations for next year's award will open in July.